About Me

I always knew that I wanted to write.

As soon as I hit secondary school I became enthralled in English and media studies – and not that interested in much else.

While most kids my age were chuckling over copies of Nuts or Zoo in the magazine aisle of Sainsbury’s, I was the kid who was picking up a copy of The Guardian for Charlie Brooker’s Screen Burn. I’d walk home from school most days and use my bus money to buy a newspaper in an attempt to improve my vocabulary and understand how journalism worked.

My best grades at school were consistently creative subjects – English language & literature, media studies and art – and by the time I left school in 2007, I set up a website to host my creative thoughts in the form of music reviews.

Fast forward two years and I’d set up what is now one of Birmingham’s biggest culture websites: Counteract. I’m proud to manage a team of around 40 writers and photographers who love showcasing this city as much as I do.

And the name? Counteract signifies my willingness to ‘Counteract’ the norm.

All of my mates were off to university but I just didn’t fancy it. I was so devoted to writing that I wanted to get started straight away. I taught myself pretty much everything.

Many YouTube tutorials and sleepless nights later and I was well-versed in website development, content management systems, HTML & CSS, SEO and social media.

By the time I was 17 I bagged my first bit of relevant work experience at the Tamworth Herald, with subsequent placements following in the media departments at the Transport and General Workers’ Union, British Dietetic Association and The Fly.

I had well and truly caught the writing bug, and over the last decade I’ve gone on to write for a multitude of internationally known publications. The last five years has also seen me write engaging copy for corporate clients from travel agents and hotels to multimedia production companies and colleges.

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