Do I really need to hire a copywriter?

Do I really need to hire a copywriter?

do i really need to hire a copywriter
Hiring a copywriter can be make or break for your business. Here's why, resource permitting, you should look to work with a professional instead of doing it yourself.

Your new website is now live, but you’re left staring at a load of blank pages. Do you tackle the task head on and write the copy yourself, or do you hire a copywriter?

What are the pros and cons of hiring a copywriter, and what makes hiring one *so* different to a bit of DIY?

Why do I need to hire a copywriter?

Copywriters are vital when it comes to building customer trust, maintaining a tone of voice and ultimately, selling products. Remember: your website is the face of your business.

Sure, you could build your website and write all of your copy yourself. Just like I could build a shed or fix a washing machine if I wanted to. That doesn’t mean I would do it to a professional standard though, as that’s not my line of expertise.

Before you start typing away, here are a handful of points which may make you think twice.

Do you have any experience in creative writing?

We’ve all written lengthy emails and business documents. In practice, they’re not very creative. Do you want to bore your customers to death with technical jargon and bland copy or do you want a technical wordsmith to beautifully craft your content with a creative touch? I think we both know the answer here.

Do you have the time to write all of your copy?

Business owners are notoriously busy and often too vested in the business to be impartial. Why waste your own time trying to make everything sound sexy when you can hire a professional copywriter to do that for you? Think about what your time is worth, first and foremost.

Copywriters can make the dullest of items sound interesting

Copywriters have experience in writing product descriptions for absolutely everything you can think of. Yes, that’s including selling a pen! Hiring a copywriter will take the stress away from even thinking about trying to make those 18 different colours of door handle sound exciting.

Be honest, do you really know what SEO is?

Just like me being able to build a shed if I put my mind to it, I probably wouldn’t do a great job at it. I struggle with building flat pack wardrobes. You might be able to hazard a guess at the keywords you want to rank for but do you know where to find trends and how to implement them? A copywriter can do all of this for you – and then some.

Hiring a freelance copywriter is actually low risk

Unless it’s stipulated in a contract, businesses aren’t obliged to give freelancers a set amount of work. Business owners can actually benefit from hiring a freelancer as and when they need them, which minimises the risk of overspending.

With a quality copywriter in tow, you’re on to a certain winner.

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