Richard Franks | Freelance Journalist & Travel Writer

I'm a freelance journalist specialising in travel, culture and music.

I've been writing professionally for around ten years; I love immersing myself in curious cultures and exploring extraordinary places.

Why work with me?

I'd always had a keen interest in writing, but I struggled to find a way "in". So, at 15 I built my first website, and that website eventually grew to be Counteract, one of Birmingham's most popular hyperlocal resources. Since then, I've been fortunate enough to write for some of my favourite publications and I've delved into corners of the world I'd either wanted to visit, never thought I'd visit, or I'd never heard of before. I have a real passion for travel and I'm happiest heading to the airport for 5am with my notebook, laptop and camera in tow – all in the name of a good story. I'm naturally inquisitive, I have a penchant for quirky places and I'm fascinated by curious cultures. Want to know more? Just tap the button below. It'd be an honour to work with you.

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Across the last decade I've been published in internationally recognised titles such as BBC, National Geographic Traveller Magazine, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Independent, Metro, Wanderlust and Euronews, among others. I've also spent some of that time crafting copy for hotels, office spaces, ski resorts and campsites.